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  • [Religion fact 1] In the early days of in vitro fertilization, fertility drugs for women were originally sourced from the urine of menopausal nuns in Italy. In the 1960s researchers realized that menopausal women’s urine contained high levels of the hormones that stimulated ovulation. As the ovaries decline, the pituitary gland raises these hormone levels in an intensifying attempt to release the remaining eggs.


  • [Religion fact 2] In 2009, Muammar Gadaffi invited 500 Italian models to a party, only to give them an hour lecture on Islam and a copy of the Quran each.


  • [Religion fact 3] There is an anime and manga in Japan called Saint Young Men, which is about Jesus and Buddha living as roommates in Tokyo while taking a vacation on Earth and attempting to understand Japanese society.


  • [Religion fact 4] In Hinduism, atheism is considered to be a valid path to spirituality, as it can be argued that God can manifest in several forms with "no form" being one of them.


  • [Religion fact 5] American musician Louis Armstrong always wore a Star of David as an homage to a Jewish family that took him in when he was young and gave him his first horn.


  • [Religion fact 6] The croissant, due to a legend that it was created to celebrate Christian victory over Islam, has been banned by some Islamic fundamentalists.


  • [Religion fact 7] Studies in 'ice cores' found in Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the mountain which supplies the Nile with its water has revealed that a drought did take place around 3600 years ago, around the same time the Bible sets Joseph’s story in Egypt.


  • [Religion fact 8] Making a purple pigment used to dye clothes for royalty in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome involved harvesting the pigment from rotting snails. The stench was so bad that Jewish law specifically granted women the right to divorce any husband who became a dyer after marrying.


  • [Religion fact 9] Christianity became the state religion of the Roman Empire in the 380s, when Emperor Theodosius banned Pagan rituals and holidays, disbanded the Vestal virgins, extinguished the Sacred Fire, destroyed the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, and put an end to the Ancient Olympic Games.


  • [Religion fact 10] There are around 1000 people in Scandanavia/Denmark that follow the old Norse belief system, worshiping the gods Odin, Thor, Njörd, Freya, etc. and the giants as well as their ancestors. This religious revival is referred to as "Asatro" and they meet for ceremonies related to the changing seasons.


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