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  • In 1920 roughly 50 percent of the U.S.

  • I don't know where you live.

  • Meanwhile, the three most conservative ones—Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, and Neil Gorsuch—voted to uphold the ban in its entirety, suggesting they were sure votes for the administration.

  • It reaches out to local notables and tribal leaders as well to blunt the kind of backlash that greeted AQI and its harsh interpretation of sharia during the sahwa movement last decade.

  • "Email will still be used for external communications, but employees will be expected to use collaboration and social media tools instead of email to communicate with fellow co-workers," the Financial Times reports.

  • Sunday's final round did not have the almost-divine feel of Tiger Woods' 12-shot win in 1997, nor the cresting tidal wave of emotions of Phil Mickelson's come-from-behind victory in 2004.

  • That's part of the whole concept of cruising." "Everything is still being built," explained a Royal Caribbean representative to The Wire by phone.

  • Not to diminish Teddy Roosevelt's role in reforming what was then an embryonic sport, but he simply urged college football's leading coaches to make changes before their own administrations chose to ban it (as indeed was already happening on some campuses).

  • On the latter, his father was Muslim, he was given a Muslim name, his step-father was a Muslim, he attended an Islamic school in Indonesia, there is a document that indicates that when he was a child he was classified as Muslim, and he goes out of his way to say nice things about Islam (I gather that there is a taped interview from 2007 in which he talks about his love for the sound of the Islamic call to prayer).

  • (Click here or scroll down for the answer.) 2.

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