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    Meaning: Snobbish; supercilious; stuck-up.

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    Kilroy was here

    Meaning: This was a graffito, of unknown origin but used predominantly by members of the US and UK military and predominantly during WWII. It was often combined with an earlier cartoon image, known as Chad, although the two aren't related apart from that conjunction.

  • Random phrase 3

    Start from scratch

    Meaning: Begin (again) from the beginning, embark on something without any preparation or advantage.

  • Random phrase 4

    Vanish into thin air

    Meaning: Disappear without trace.

  • Random phrase 5

    A load of cobblers

    Meaning: Nonsense, rubbish.

  • Random phrase 6

    Love is blind

    Meaning: This expression is first found in Chaucer's Merchant's Tale, circa 1405:

  • Random phrase 7

    Don't count your chickens before they are hatched

    Meaning: Don't be hasty in evaluating one's assets.

  • Random phrase 8

    I'll go to the foot of our stairs

    Meaning: An exclamation of surprise.

  • Random phrase 9

    Far be it from me

    Meaning: A disassociation from something - 'God forbid that I should... ' [do that thing].

  • Random phrase 10

    Mend fences

    Meaning: Re-establish good relations with people one has disagreed with.

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