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  • The road less travelled

    Meaning: The unconventional or uninvestigated option. The notion is near to what is nowadays called 'alternative'.

  • Run out of steam

    Meaning: Run out of energy.

  • Walk the walk

    Meaning: Back up one's talk with action.

  • Pot Calling The Kettle Black

    Meaning: Criticizing someone for a fault, even though the criticizer is also guilty of doing the same thing.

  • Beauty is only skin deep

    Meaning: Physical beauty is superficial.

  • As daft as a brush

    Meaning: Very foolish.

  • Lie low

    Meaning: Keep out of sight; bide one's time.

  • Life's too short

    Meaning: Response to a request to do something that seems too petty to waste valuable time on.

  • Paint the town red

    Meaning: Engage in a riotous spree.

  • A wolf in sheep's clothing

    Meaning: Someone who hides malicious intent under the guise of kindliness.

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