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  • A curate's egg

    Meaning: Something bad that is called good out of politeness or timidity.

  • The law is an ass

    Meaning: Said of the application of the law that is contrary to common sense.

  • Fine words butter no parsnips

    Meaning: Nothing is achieved by empty words or flattery.

  • Milk of human kindness

    Meaning: Care and compassion for others.

  • Down And Out

    Meaning: 1. A boxer who has been knocked out. 2. Incapable of performing normal functions due to some reason.

  • In someone's bad books

    Meaning: To be in disgrace or out of favour.

  • Arty-farty

    Meaning: Pertaining to, or having an interest in, the arts - often pretentiously and affectedly so.

  • The last words of King George V

    Meaning: Source: Kings, Queens and Courtiers: Intimate portraits of The Royal House of Windsor From Its Foundations to the Present Day, Kenneth Rose, 1989. Background to King George V's last words George Frederick Ernest Albert, King of Great Britain, Ireland, and the British dominions beyond the seas, and Emperor of India, more snappily known as George V, was a quiet and unassuming man. He was temperamentally unsuited to leading his nation, especially in the high-profile figurehead role that was required of him during the First World War. Nevertheless, he applied himself to the task and worked hard to become a visible and popular monarch. After the war, he changed the family name from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to Windsor to minimise any association with his German ancestry.

  • In a pig's eye

    Meaning: An expression of emphatic disbelief.

  • The living daylights

    Meaning: To beat the living daylights out of someone is to beat them severely, to the point where they lose consciousness.

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