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    An Elephant Never Forgets

    Meaning: Someone with a good memory.

  • Random phrase 2

    Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown

    Meaning: A person with great responsibilities, such as a king, is constantly worried.

  • Random phrase 3

    Middle for diddle

    Meaning: A rhyme used to decide who starts a darts match.

  • Random phrase 4

    Cat got your tongue?

    Meaning: A question addressed to someone who is inexplicably silent.

  • Random phrase 5

    Beating a Dead Horse

    Meaning: To bring up an issue that has already been resolved.

  • Random phrase 6

    Keep up with the Joneses

    Meaning: Strive to match one's neighbours in spending and social standing.

  • Random phrase 7

    Power dressing

    Meaning: A stylish and expensive clothing style, intended to convey the impression of assertiveness and competence and predominantly worn by women..

  • Random phrase 8

    Hard and fast

    Meaning: Rigidly adhered to - without doubt or debate.

  • Random phrase 9

    Young turk

    Meaning: A young person, full of new ideas and impatient for change.

  • Random phrase 10

    Turn the tables

    Meaning: Reverse the positions of adversaries. The phrases is often used when the weaker position subsequently becomes dominant.

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