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    Dance attendance on

    Meaning: To wait upon someone in an overly assiduous or sycophantic manner.

  • Random phrase 2

    Feeding frenzy

    Meaning: An aggressive attack on prey by a group of sharks. The resulting boiling and bloody sea results in the sharks wildly attacking any creature nearby - even their own kind.

  • Random phrase 3

    Not for all the tea in China

    Meaning: Not at any price.

  • Random phrase 4

    Under the auspices of

    Meaning: Under the control or protection of someone or some group.

  • Random phrase 5

    High and mighty

    Meaning: Powerful and superior, or arrogantly affecting to be so.

  • Random phrase 6


    Meaning: Something that is worn out, cheap or insignificant. To give someone the rinky-dink means to cheat them.

  • Random phrase 7

    A good man is hard to find

    Meaning: A modern-day proverb, bemoaning the difficulty of finding a suitable male partner.

  • Random phrase 8

    As thick as thieves

    Meaning: Close friends with; sharing confidences.

  • Random phrase 9

    Fall guy

    Meaning: A scapegoat; one who takes on the responsibilities or workload of others. Here 'fall' is used with the criminal slang meaning of 'arrest' or 'period in prison'. More recently, it has also come to mean a person who is easily duped or outmanoeuvred.

  • Random phrase 10

    Between two stools

    Meaning: Fail, due to being unable to choose between two alternatives.

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