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    Jump The Shark

    Meaning: The point in which a TV show is thought to be past its peak in terms of quality, generally due to something absurd being introduced.

  • Random phrase 2

    Clear blue water

    Meaning: Originally a term from competitive rowing referring to an obvious gap between the leading boat and those following. In more recent years it has been used allusively to mean the discernible distance between the ideologies of two political parties.

  • Random phrase 3

    Pony up

    Meaning: Pay money, especially a payment that is in arrears.

  • Random phrase 4

    Talk The Talk

    Meaning: Supporting what you say, not just with words, but also through action or evidence.

  • Random phrase 5

    Bury your head in the sand

    Meaning: Refuse to confront or acknowledge a problem.

  • Random phrase 6

    Middle for diddle

    Meaning: A rhyme used to decide who starts a darts match.

  • Random phrase 7

    Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more

    Meaning: Let us try again one more time.

  • Random phrase 8

    In the doldrums

    Meaning: In low spirits; feeling dull and drowsy.

  • Random phrase 9

    Auld Lang Syne

    Meaning: The Anglicized version of 'auld lang syne', which means old long-since or old long-ago.

  • Random phrase 10


    Meaning: A colloquial version of 'goodbye', now rather archaic.

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