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  • Kiss me Hardy

    Meaning: Words spoken, on his deathbed, by Admiral Horatio Nelson to Captain Thomas Hardy.

  • English Proverbs

    Meaning: A bad penny always turns up

  • As happy as a clam

    Meaning: Very happy and content.

  • Laugh like a drain

    Meaning: To laugh coarsely or loudly, especially at the discomfort of others.

  • Hand over fist

    Meaning: Quickly and continuously.

  • Marital aid

    Meaning: A euphemism for a sex toy or any device intended to enhance sexual stimulation.

  • Bang on about

    Meaning: Talk repetitively and boringly about something.

  • Main chance

    Meaning: The most important issue.

  • Chick flick

    Meaning: A film with characterization and story-lines that appeal especially to women.

  • To the nth degree

    Meaning: To the utmost degree; without limit.

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