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  •  What's the ultimate role play for you?

  •  What type of music do you like?

  •  What's your favourite Milkshake flavour?

  •  Would you leave me for a celebrity that really liked you?

  •  If you had to pick a car to describe you which one would it be?

  •  What's your favorite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon?

  •  Do You Like Short Or Long Hair On A Guy?

  •  According to Gene Kelly, Fred Astair was his favorite what? Dancing partner

  •  Who copyrighted the copyright symbol?

  •  What causes the sound of air swishing inside your head?

  •  A meteor is headed for your house. You have saved your family, pets, and the family photos. You have time to save one more item. What will you save?

  •  What movie scene choked you up the most?

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If you suddenly have no topic during a date, how awkward it is. If you are not a very familiar friend, we don't have so many topics to discuss casually. At this time, you need to prepare some questions according to your date. If you are organizing a discussion and looking for some suitable questions, you have come to the right place.

We have collected more than 6,300 questions, including multiple topics, some for business conversations, some for dating, and some for class discussion. If the current page is not suitable, you only need to refresh it. At the same time, you can also specify the words to be included in the question. Click on the question text and the question will be automatically selected. It is convenient for you to copy and save.