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  • In love there are two things - bodies and words.

    Author: Joyce Carol Oates  Category: love

  • I rejected the notion that my race or sex would bar my success in life.

    Author: Constance Baker Motley  Category: success

  • A runner must run with dreams in his heart, not money in his pocket.

    Author: Emil Zatopek  Category: fitness

  • My belief is that communication is the best way to create strong relationships.

    Author: Jada Pinkett Smith  Category: communication

  • Being from Africa is the best thing that could have ever, ever happened to me. I cannot see it any other way. All of my fundamental principles that were instilled in me in my home, from my childhood, are still with me.

    Author: Hakeem Olajuwon  Category: home

  • Who loves a garden loves a greenhouse too.

    Author: William Cowper  Category: gardening

  • The dubbing of the music and effects is really incredible today. You're feeling gun shots. I mean, it's not the way people say it is, but the gunshot sounds real. And cars sound real. Among the many things in the evolution (of movies) is to make the sound in the movie incredible. That's what you feel.

    Author: Joel Silver  Category: movies

  • It's so sad: anything that has to do with God, people want to dispel.

    Author: Sylvia Browne  Category: sad

  • What I took back, because of my exposure to the Jewish music of the 30s and the 40s in my upbringing with my father, was that kind of theatrical songwriting. It was always a part of my character. This desire to make people laugh.

    Author: Pete Townshend  Category: music

  • I used to be a classic workaholic, and after seeing how little work and career really mean when you reach the end of your life, I put a new emphasis on things I believe count more. These things include: family, friends, being part of a community, and appreciating the little joys of the average day.

    Author: Mitch Albom  Category: family

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