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Lorem ipsum refers to a Latin article commonly used in the field of typography. The main purpose is to test the effect of the article or text in different fonts and layouts. Usually, the text will appear when the website is not built.

Lorem ipsum has been widely used in the printing and design fields in the West since the 15th century. After the popularity of computer typography, this meaningless text, which has been used by the traditional printing industry for hundreds of years, has once again become popular. Since this text starts with "Lorem ipsum" and is often used in the test of the title, it is generally called Lorem ipsum, referred to as Lipsum.

When the website is not finished, there will be such a paragraph, and some even intentional, including the use of web page creation software, web page templates, etc., Lorem ipsum paragraphs will generally appear when new construction

Originally, everyone thought that this Latin is just a meaningless combination. The purpose is to prevent the reader from being influenced by the content of the article, and only focus on observing the font or version and filling the space. But according to research by American Latin scholar Richard McClintock, Lorem ipsum originally originated from Cicero's "The Extremes of Good and Evil":

Neque porro quisquam est qui dolorem ipsum quia dolor sit amet, consectetur, adipisci velit…