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The following takes "generator" as an example and lists all synonyms:
  • 1. Synonyms for word "generator"

    [as Noun] Mean: Engine converting energy

    alternatordynamomotorturbineelectric generatorpistolrisk-takerextrovertachieverdoerfireballgo-getterwhiz kidball of firelive wireeager beaverenergetic personspark plugmover and shakerhard workerbundle of energyhot shotbusy personlive one

  • 2. Synonyms for word "generator"

    [as Noun] Mean: A person who institutes or establishes something

    creatorauthorfatheroriginatorfounderinitiatorbegetterinauguratorsireinstituterestablishermakerproducerinstitutorfounding fatherdeviserarchitectprime moverinventorinstigatordesignerdeveloperframerplannerparentengineermastermindmotherpioneeragentforefather

  • 3. Synonyms for word "generator"

    [as Noun] Mean: A machine or device, especially one that converts energy forms into mechanical energy

    motormachineengineapparatusmechanismsystemequipmentmechanicscomponentsmachinerygearshardwaregeargadgetrymoving partscontraptiontransformerpistoncylinderdiesel engineturbinegasoline enginepetrol engineelectric motorinternal combustion enginedynamopower trainwhat's under the hooddrivepower sourceappliance

  • 4. Synonyms for word "generator"

    [as Noun] Mean: A healthy and vigorous-rooted plant that is used in grafting, most commonly as a sound base to support a scion that bears desirable fruit in orchard culture


  • 5. Synonyms for word "generator"

    [as Noun] Mean: Person who makes things happen

    mover and shakerinstigatorachieveraffluentialcatalystdoerenterprising personentrepreneurgo-getterheavyweightmoverman of influencepalpable presenceheavy hitterlightning rodleaderproducerspark plugpathfindertrailblazerplayerupstartstraw that stirs the drinkpresencedynamowheeler and dealerup-and-comerwhiprising starVIP

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