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  • [Verb 1] unbalance

    [Verb Forms]: [present simple I / you / we / they unbalance]    [he / she / it unbalances]    [past simple unbalanced]    [past participle unbalanced]    [-ing form unbalancing]    

    definition 1: unbalance something to make something no longer balanced, for example by giving too much importance to one part of it

    definition 2: unbalance somebody/something to make somebody/something unsteady so that they are likely to fall down

    definition 3: unbalance somebody to make somebody so upset that they are unable to continue thinking or behaving as they normally do

  • [Verb 2] justify

    [Verb Forms]: [present simple I / you / we / they justify]    [he / she / it justifies]    [past simple justified]    [past participle justified]    [-ing form justifying]    

    definition 1: to show that somebody/something is right or reasonable


    1. justify doing something How can they justify paying such huge salaries?
    2. justify somebody/something doing something The results of the inquiry did not justify them departing from their existing policy.
    3. justify something Her success had justified the faith her teachers had put in her.

    definition 2: to give an explanation or excuse for something or for doing something synonym defend


    1. justify something/yourself The senator made an attempt to justify his actions.
    2. justify something/yourself to somebody The Prime Minister has been asked to justify the decision to Parliament.
    3. You don't need to justify yourself to me.

    definition 3: justify something (specialist) to arrange lines of printed text so that one or both edges are straight

  • [Verb 3] ensile

    [Verb Forms]: [ensiled]    [ensiling]    

    definition : [transitive verb]  to prepare and store (fodder) so as to induce conversion to silage

  • [Verb 4] souse

    [Verb Forms]: [present simple I / you / we / they souse]    [he / she / it souses]    [past simple soused]    [past participle soused]    [-ing form sousing]    

    definition : souse something/somebody to soak something/somebody completely in a liquid

  • [Verb 5] overweigh

    [Verb Forms]: [overweighed]    [overweighing]    [overweighs]    

    definition 1: [transitive verb]  to exceed in weight

    definition 2: [transitive verb]  OPPRESS

  • [Verb 6] sheave

    [Verb Forms]: [sheaved]    [sheaving]    

    definition : [transitive verb]  to gather and bind into a sheaf

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About Verb Generator

If you are looking for a verb generator, you have come to the right place.

We have produced a very powerful random verb generator. We have collected more than 9000 common verbs, mainly from the Oxford dictionary. These verbs do not include verb variations, such as the past tense and the third person singular. Therefore, the verbs you use this verb generator to get are accurate and not verbose.

This verb generator is powerful because it has many ways to generate verbs. As you can see, you can enter the letter to be included, then specify the first letter and the last letter of the verb, and also set the length and number of syllables of the verb. This can help you generate almost any verb you want.

For each generated verb, you can see detailed definitions, examples, and verb forms, which can help you better understand and remember verbs.

What can this verb generator be used for?

1. As a learning tool, if you are learning words, especially verbs, this tool will be a good helper for you. By specifying conditions, you can generate verbs within a certain range, which can help you greatly improve your efficiency.

2. As an inspiration tool, Maybe you are writing a song or a novel. Maybe you should use this verb generator to expand your vocabulary, help you choose more accurate verbs, and make your work more attractive. Or, when you are lacking in inspiration, you can randomly generate some verbs for the story.

3. As a game tool; Yes, this verb generator can be used as a game tool. You can play a game of guessing verbs with your friends. You can do the corresponding actions according to the verbs, and they can guess the verbs according to your actions. It will be very interesting.

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