• exinde (exin)

    Meaning: from that place; thence, of place; of time, thereafter; thereupon, then

  • poēma, –atis n.

    Meaning: the poem, composition in verse; poetic piece (even nonmetrical); (pl.) poetry

  • pervolō, pervolāre, pervolāvī, pervolātum

    Meaning: to fly through or over

  • substitūtiō, –iōnis f.

    Meaning: the substitution

  • sacrāmentum, –ī n.

    Meaning: the military oath of allegiance; a sum deposited by a party in a civil process, as security for a future judgment, forfeit money

  • frētus, –a, –um

    Meaning: leaning on; w. abl. of the thing on which; relying on, confiding in, trusting to

  • convellō, convellere, convellī, convulsum

    Meaning: to pull violently; pluck, tear, pull up; wrench forth; cut off; p., convulsus, a, um, rent, shattered; convulsed

  • aspectō, aspectāre, aspectāvī, aspectātum

    Meaning: to look at or upon, behold; survey earnestly; with admiration; with regret (> ad and specto)

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