Random Albanian Words Generator

  • Albanian word 1

    plani (planit, planin)

    Meaning: the plan

  • Albanian word 2

    asaj (i)

    Meaning: to her

  • Albanian word 3

    hajde! (pl. hajdeni)

    Meaning: come! (imp.)

  • Albanian word 4

    të jenë

    Meaning: they are (subj.)

  • Albanian word 5


    Meaning: because (long form)

  • Albanian word 6

    qetësohem (qetësohesha, u qetësova, qetësuar)

    Meaning: I relax

  • Albanian word 7

    koha (kohës, kohën)

    Meaning: the time

  • Albanian word 8

    funksionoj (funksionoja, funksionova, funksionuar)

    Meaning: I function

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About Random Albanian Words Generator

This random Albanian words generator can help you quickly generate Albanian words for free.

We collected the most commonly used 762 Albanian words according to the frequency of use. This tool can randomly generate 8 Albanian words each time. You can see the corresponding English meaning of each Albanian word. This tool can help you learn Albanian or review Albanian words can also be used as a testing tool to test your Albanian vocabulary mastery.

Using this tool is very simple, every refresh will appear 8 new Albanian words, you can also specify the number to generate, when you click on the word, the word will be automatically selected, and the generated Albanian words will be displayed in the text box. Let you copy more easily.

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