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    President Obama has spent this week consulting lawmakers, privacy experts and intelligence official in order to consider a number of reforms to national intelligence programs.

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    So says everyone else.

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    Part of the reason why Judge Vinson's second health care ruling is so unnecessarily long is because he devoted a part of it to the so-called "broccoli mandate." That's the argument made by conservatives that if the Affordable Care Act is endorsed by the Supreme Court under the Congress' "Commerce Clause" power there will be no logical end to the legal power federal lawmakers to regulate what we eat, etc.

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    One can say that there is (moderate) evidence supporting the argument that violent rhetoric makes violent action more likely.

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    Gabrielle Giffords should lead to changes in how we frame political disagreements;

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    Your goal is to make them laugh, not just once but several times at the same joke because you're going to shoot two or three takes.

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