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    You mustn't lie.

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    His biceps are very big.

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    If it is true that the Greeks forbade women to go to the play, they acted in a right way; for they would at any rate be able to hear something.

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    Teachers in West Virginia stressed to me on Tuesday that the salary issue pales in comparison to the key problem that prompted the walk-out: the rising costs associated with the state’s health-insurance system, the Public Employees Insurance Agency, typically referred to by its acronym PEIA.

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    and the season closes on a shot of Maggie clicking on a yellow-flagged news alert from Beijing, China (perhaps related to a massive snowstorm that hit Beijing the first week of November, just before the Communist Party's 18th Congress).

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    The latest round of anti-Obamacare lawsuits is inching closer to the Supreme Court.

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This is a very powerful random sentence generator, we have collected more than 6.5 million sentences, including English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Russian. Among them, there are more than 1.7 million sentences in English, 1.2 million sentences in Spain and hundreds of thousands in other languages. You can generate sentences from specific words.

This random sentence generator can be used as a learning tool. When you forget how to use a certain word, you only need to enter the word and generate some sentences to know how the word is used in different scenarios. Sometimes, when you don't know how to write around a word, you can get some inspiration by using this sentence generator to generate some sentences, so this tool can also be used as a source of inspiration.

Our sentences are derived from some random articles on the Internet, some are from some papers, and some are from some news and stories, so you can see that some sentences are funny and some are even weird.

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