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    I knew this three hours ago.

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    On Wednesday, Nunes sent shockwaves through Washington when he claimed that “the intelligence community incidentally collected information about U.S.

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    It's long been thought that the plane's autopilot switched off when it hit bad weather about halfway through its flight from Rio de Janeiro to Paris, and that pilots couldn't recover control.

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    In this scenario, human translators would become, within a few years, mere quality controllers and glitch fixers, rather than producers of fresh new text.

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    What is more, Rosneft has demanded prepayment.

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    Clarke writes in Tupperware: The Promise of Plastic in 1950s America, "Earl Tupper summoned forth a divine creation to benefit humanity." Yes, there really was a Mr.

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This is a very powerful random sentence generator, we have collected more than 6.5 million sentences, including English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Russian. Among them, there are more than 1.7 million sentences in English, 1.2 million sentences in Spain and hundreds of thousands in other languages. You can generate sentences from specific words.

This random sentence generator can be used as a learning tool. When you forget how to use a certain word, you only need to enter the word and generate some sentences to know how the word is used in different scenarios. Sometimes, when you don't know how to write around a word, you can get some inspiration by using this sentence generator to generate some sentences, so this tool can also be used as a source of inspiration.

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