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  • Plot 1

    Having heard of but paying little attention to the prophecy of the Hero, the main character's life is turned upside down when they discover that their nation is destined be destroyed by a great, conquering force; it seeks to exact their revenge on those who stood in their way.After ignoring the issue for a long as possible, the main character, fighting with their own personal demons, desperately searches for a missing item.In the end, after being betrayed, the main character loses what they had, but gains a new friend.

  • Plot 2

    Siblings learn the truth but get more than they bargained for..

  • Plot 3

    Your main character is a woman in her late twenties, who is very anxious. The story begins in an aeroplane. Someone loses a fortune at cards. It's a story about rivalry. Your character reluctantly becomes involved.

  • Plot 4

    Brothers meet, lose, and reunite with their true loves in the sewers.

  • Plot 5

    Living their dream life, the main character's loyalty is tested when they are presented with a position of power that results in the destruction of the city centre.Up for a challenge, the main character, with no one on their side and few resources, struggles to find anyone they can trust.In the end, after being betrayed, the main character is forced to go on the run after committing numerous crimes, and vows to get revenge.

  • Plot 6

    Slowly being overcome with the stress of everyday life, the main character is forced to watch the world around them crumble when a long lost love returns, asking them for a favour that will eventually lead to them being arrested.

  • Plot 7

    Single while everyone else has someone to love,, everything the main character thought they knew suddenly turns out to be a lie when they discover an important, lost item.Finally starting to enjoy the situation, the main character begins falling out with their friends when an old crush appears on the scene and the love interest has to choose between two suitors.Tentatively, the main character decides to improve themselves, and begins a transformation and in the end, after a shocking revelation, the main character falls in love and lives happily with the love interest.

  • Plot 8

    Your main character is a woman in her early forties, who can be quite inspirational. The story begins on a lonely moor. Someone is diagnosed with a mental illness. It's a story about jealousy. Your character needs a good plan in order to survive.

  • Plot 9

    A man on death row falls in love on the road.

  • Plot 10

    Hoping for some excitement, the main character is suddenly forced to leave their home and family when their homeland is being subjected to a devastating attack by an enemy nation; it requires them to give up their current lifestyle.

  • Plot 11

    A woman who cannot die loses her faith in Los Angeles.

  • Plot 12

    Down on their luck, the main character's loyalty is tested when they realise a loved one is involved in criminal activities that results in a woman being kidnapped.Tentatively, the main character, with a rival, struggles to figure out what is right or wrong.

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