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  • Stuck enduring the daily grind, the main character soon learns the true nature of things when in the wrong place at the wrong time, they end up in a situation well outside their control that will eventually lead to them being arrested.Tentatively, the main character, fighting with their own personal demons, desperately searches for a missing person.In the end, after a face-to-face encounter with the enemy, the main character loses what they had, but gains a new love interest.

  • A police informant kills a dolphin while on vacation.

  • Down on their luck, the main character is forced to watch the world around them crumble when they discover an old photograph that results in their best friend being taken hostage.Tentatively, the main character, fearing for their life, comes up with a cunning plan to find out the truth.In the end, after making a difficult choice, the main character sacrifices themselves to save someone else.

  • Living a peaceful, 'regular' life, the main character attempts to turn their life around when a long lost friend returns, asking them for a favour that requires them to travel around the world.

  • With hundreds at their feet but no Mr/Miss Right in sight, the main character starts to see a new side of life when they find themself in an awkward situation with a stranger.With their relationship improving slowly and turning into love, the main character falls into depression when another charming stranger entices them out and suggests the main character and love interest should split up.After ignoring the issue for a long as possible, the main character comes up with a cunning plan to find out the truth and in the end, after learning a terrible lesson the hard way, the main character choses personal happiness over the love interest and does not regret their choice.

  • Living their dream life, the main character has no choice but to act when they are involved in a case of mistaken identity that results in the destruction of the city.

  • A military officer goes to a friend's funeral in a taxi.

  • Normally spending time with their friends instead, the main character develops a love/hate relationship when a stranger enters their life with an intriguing proposal.After a series of mishaps in the budding relationship, the main character starts getting paranoid when accusations of cheating are brought up and the relationship between the love interest and main character begins to weaken.Driven by fury, the main character realises that another person, who they thought was a love threat, is actually not at all and in the end, after a confrontation between the main character and the love interest, the main character loses what they had, but gains a new friend.

  • Your main character is a man in his late twenties, who can be quite compassionate. The story begins in a psychiatric hospital. A relationship breaks up. It's a story about freedom. Your character is not afraid to get involved.

  • A determined hard worker with no time for love, the main character catches the eye of another when whilst drunk, another character does romantic at a party.

  • Living a life of poverty, the main character is forced into hiding when a long lost friend returns, asking them for a favour that could cost them their life.Secretly, the main character, with the help of their loved ones, comes up with a cunning plan to resolve the issue.In the end, after being forced to engage in battle with one of their rivals, the main character loses what they had, but gains a new opportunity.

  • A psychic fights for her life on Mars.

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