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  • Lickety-Split

    Meaning: To go at a quick pace; no delaying!

  • Get underway

    Meaning: Begin a journey or a project.

  • À la mode

    Meaning: Fashionable. Also, in the USA, a dessert served with ice cream.

  • Hooray Henry

    Meaning: A loud-mouthed but ineffectual upper class fool.

  • It never rains but it pours

    Meaning: When troubles come they come together.

  • There but for the grace of God, go I

    Meaning: I too, like someone seen to have suffered misfortune, might have suffered a similar fate, but for God's mercy.

  • Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration

    Meaning: Genius is largely the result of hard work, rather than an inspired flash of insight.

  • An Oxford scholar

    Meaning: A dollar.

  • There is no alternative

    Meaning: This is the mantra chanted by 'dries' during the prime ministerial reign of Margaret Thatcher, by which they demonstrated their belief that free-market capitalism was the only possible economic theory. It was said so often amongst them that it was shortened to TINA. The hard-right Thatcherites called themselves 'dries' to demonstrate their opposition to the 'wets', that is, the One-Nation Tories whom Thatcher despised. Wet was the public school nickname for any boy who showed any sign of caring for his fellow beings.

  • Out Of Left Field

    Meaning: Something that's surprising or unexpected.

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