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  • Up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire

    Meaning: Upstairs, to prepare for bed.

  • Upper crust

    Meaning: Aristocratic; society superior.

  • Booby prize

    Meaning: A prize given to make fun of the loser in a contest or game.

  • It's that man again

    Meaning: The full title of the popular 1940s BBC radio comedy - ITMA.

  • Foam at the mouth

    Meaning: Display furious rage.

  • Love Birds

    Meaning: A pair of people who have a shared love for each other.

  • Barking mad

    Meaning: Insane; intensely mad.

  • Wild and woolly

    Meaning: Lawless and uncultured.

  • Pears for your heirs

    Meaning: An adage to encourage us to think long-term and look after future generations.

  • Hasta la vista

    Meaning: Translated from the Spanish - 'see you later'.

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