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  • Pyrrhic victory

    Meaning: A victory gained at too great a cost.

  • When The Rubber Hits The Road

    Meaning: When a theory or idea is put to the test.

  • Put on the wooden overcoat

    Meaning: Die.

  • Absent without leave

    Meaning: Absent without permission.

  • Binge drinking

    Meaning: Drinking to excess in a short space of time.

  • Beast with two backs

    Meaning: Partners engaged in sexual intercourse.

  • A bunch of fives

    Meaning: A fist. The fives are the five fingers.

  • Have an inkling

    Meaning: Have a vague intimation of; have a slight knowledge of.

  • Baby blues

    Meaning: Feelings of depression or anxiety, experienced by some mothers following childbirth.

  • Bottom drawer

    Meaning: A place where valuables are stored, especially the clothes, linen, etc., that a woman might store in preparation for her marriage. Literally, the lowest drawer of a chest of drawers.

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