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  • By the skin of your teeth

    Meaning: Narrowly; barely. Usually used in regard to a narrow escape from a disaster.

  • Fits and starts

    Meaning: Spasmodically; at irregular intervals.

  • Get the pip

    Meaning: Become irritated or annoyed.

  • Go to the mattresses

    Meaning: Prepare for a battle or adopt a warlike stance.

  • Birds Of a Feather Flock Together

    Meaning: People tend to associate with others who share similar interests or values.

  • Get over it

    Meaning: Don't concern yourself with something that's already in the past; accept it and move on to more productive pursuits.

  • Tuckered out

    Meaning: Exhausted.

  • See a pin and pick it up, all the day you'll have good luck

    Meaning: A proverb extolling the virtue of thrift.

  • Visit the ladies' room

    Meaning: Euphemism for going to the lavatory.

  • Nothing ventured, nothing gained

    Meaning: In order to achieve, you need to act and take risks.

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