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  • Two heads are better than one

    Meaning: Two people may be able to solve a problem that an individual cannot.

  • Cut To The Chase

    Meaning: Getting directly to the point, leaving out all of the unnecessary details.

  • Run the gauntlet

    Meaning: To go through a series of criticisms or harsh treatments at the hands of one's detractors.

  • Little pitchers have big ears

    Meaning: This proverbial saying means 'be careful, children are listening'.

  • Cat got your tongue?

    Meaning: A question addressed to someone who is inexplicably silent.

  • Caught red-handed

    Meaning: To be caught red-handed is to be caught in the act of committing a misdemeanour, with the evidence there for all to see.

  • Wet behind the ears

    Meaning: Naive.

  • Never give a sucker an even break

    Meaning: Literal meaning, but usually used for comic effect.

  • What Am I, Chopped Liver?

    Meaning: A rhetorical question used by a person who feels they are being given less consideration than someone else.

  • You've never had it so good

    Meaning: A quotation by Harold Macmillan, British Prime Minister.

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