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    The Rise of Dating-App Fatigue Going home for the holidays can act as a kind of regression.

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    If a federal reform is to pass in the near future it is likely to be legislation introduced by Senator Rand Paul and Congressman Tim Walberg.

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    Now, Congress wants to hear from Comey directly.

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    He was also a creature of dichotomies—a deeply religious man who produced a number of erotic engravings.

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    But the bulk of Bales debt comes not from unfortunate circumstances but from his own dishonest actions in the form of a $1.4 million judgment that found he defrauded an Ohio couple.

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    Here’s another exception, which is all about the players’ performance: the early-round action in a pro tennis tournament, in circumstances that let you get right next to the athletes as they are walloping the ball back and forth.

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