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  • [People fact 1] When a British airline advertised in the US a program to match British girls with American men visiting the UK, it found that more American women signed up hoping to meet British men.


  • [People fact 2] In 2015, an American teenager was arrested for terrorism after he posted a message on Facebook that combined three handgun emojis with the emoji for a police officer.


  • [People fact 3] In 2017, an 89-year-old man named Robert Dreyer drowned on his birthday after crashing his car into a fire hydrant. Dreyer successfully stepped out of his car but was swallowed by a sinkhole likely created as a result of the destruction of the fire hydrant and subsequent water pressure.


  • [People fact 4] A German author published his novel in 2012 called Er ist Wieder da (He's back again) in which Hitler wakes up in modern Berlin with no memories since 1945 and becomes a comedian.


  • [People fact 5] During a 1957 Phillies game, Richie Ashburn hit a fan with a foul ball, breaking her nose. When play resumed he hit her again with another foul ball as she was being taken out on a stretcher.


  • [People fact 6] A Titanic Survivor named Dick Williams spent over 6 hours waist-deep in freezing water. When rescue doctors wanted to amputate both his legs, he refused. He recovered and went on to win the Wimbledon Men’s Doubles in 1920.


  • [People fact 7] A Seattle born athlete named Rebecca Twigg became a popular cyclist in 1980s. She won 6 world championships, 2 Olympics gold medals, appeared in Vanity Fair, Sports Illustrated, and numerous commercials. In 1996, however, Twigg abruptly dropped out of the sport, re-entered the workforce, had trouble holding down a desk job, became homeless and has been living on the street for years.


  • [People fact 8] In 2001, Bernd Brandes, a German engineer from Berlin, was willingly slaughtered so that he could be butchered and eaten by aspiring cannibal Armin Meiwes. Brandes had responded to an internet advertisement which Meiwes had placed for this purpose. In prison, Meiwes became a vegetarian.


  • [People fact 9] Armenian fin swimmer Shavarsh Karapetyan was finishing a 12-mile run when he heard a bus crash into the water. He dove down 33 ft and rescued 20 people, 1 at a time. He is an 11-time World Record holder, 17-time World Champion, 13-time European Champion and 7-time USSR Champion.


  • [People fact 10] The word “LEGO” is from the first two letters of the Danish words “Leg” and “Godt,” which means “play well.”


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