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  • [Architecture fact 1] The inside of the Leaning Tower of Pisa is completely empty.


  • [Architecture fact 2] Women who travel on vacation at least twice a year are less likely to suffer from depression than those who don't travel or those who vacation less.


  • [Architecture fact 3] The English common law known as the doctrine of "Ancient Lights," holds that people can have a reasonable expectation of sunlight; and that when they do, their neighbors ought not to take it away.


  • [Architecture fact 4] Those giant cylinder towers at nuclear power plants are for cooling water and the stuff coming out of it isn’t smoke but water vapor.


  • [Architecture fact 5] When George Washington became president, he scrapped the plans for “Washington monument” as he didn’t want to use public money for a personal memorial monument. Long after he died, in 1833 a small group of Washingtonians established a society to raise private funds for the project and got it built.


  • [Architecture fact 6] Georgia in USA has a set of giant stone slabs, etched with "rules" for post-apocalyptic humanity in many different languages. It can be used to chart the sun and stars, and warns against "petty laws and useless officials". No one actually knows who funded the construction of this monument.


  • [Architecture fact 7] An Amazon tribe named Kayapo has beaten back ranchers and gold miners and famously stopped a dam. They even rejected money from dam-building companies saying “We have decided that we do not want a single penny of your dirty money... Our river does not have a price, our fish that we eat does not have a price, and the happiness of our grandchildren does not have a price.”


  • [Architecture fact 8] A building known as Blok P in Nuuk contained 1% of Greenland's population which was demolished in 2012. It had the largest flag of Greenland on its side made from discarded clothing.


  • [Architecture fact 9] In 1372, according to legend Yi Kaizhan was hired to build a fort along the Great Wall of China. He ordered the exact number of bricks he needed. When his judgment was questioned, he added one more brick. That brick was never used.


  • [Architecture fact 10] A unique travel company called "Pack Up + Go" schedules travelers on surprise trips. They survey their clients and then schedule a secret destination.


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