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  • [Technology fact 1] The CIA issued rectal tool kits for spies. This imaginative gadget was designed to get operatives out of difficult situations.


  • [Technology fact 2] No word in the English language rhymes with "silver."


  • [Technology fact 3] Although the Tesla electric pickup truck has yet to be released, almost 150,000 purchase orders were made within just two days of its exhibition.


  • [Technology fact 4] In the 1970s, kidnapped children from Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan were often used as jockeys in camel races. After UNICEF pressured countries to ban child jockeys, countries used small robots to serve as camel-racing jockeys.  The robots can even whip the camels.


  • [Technology fact 5] “Dedicated quilters” (those who spend more than $500 per year on quilting) buy, on average, 99 yards of fabric a year, almost an entire football field’s worth!


  • [Technology fact 6] Fast-food company McDonald’s has pledged to switch to sustainable (non-single-use plastic) packaging materials by the year 2025.


  • [Technology fact 7] The reason why NASA (and later the Russians) use a specialized space pen instead of the pencil in space is because the graphite of pencils is conductive and can cause short circuits and even fires. The pens have been used since the Apollo era and are still being used right now on the ISS.


  • [Technology fact 8] An adage regarding the internet called Poe’s Law states that, given the lack of nuance in digital text, the use of emojis is the only thing making it possible to create a parody that won’t be misunderstood by someone as being sincere.


  • [Technology fact 9] During the Middle Ages, plastic surgery was typically deemed pagan and sinful because the spilling of blood by a surgeon and the power the surgeon had over the body were akin to magic.


  • [Technology fact 10] Around 94% of consumers say that Wi-Fi is the most important amenity they consider when making a choice about which hotel to stay in.


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