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  • [Amazing fact 1] Though coffee was discovered in Ethiopia around A.D. 850, it wasn’t until it spread to Mocha, Yemen, in around 1100 that it became firmly established as a popular drink. From Mocha (from which Mocha coffee derives its name), beans were shipped to India, Java, and eventually Europe in 1515. By 1675, England had more than 3,000 coffee houses.


  • [Amazing fact 2] The feathers under a flamingos wings are black. You typically see them when they are flying.

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  • [Amazing fact 3] Each jellyfish tentacle is armed with thousands of cells called cnidoblasts. Inside the cnidoblasts are nematocysts, each of which contains a coiled stinging thread. When a fish or other object becomes tangled in the tentacles, the pressure inside the nematocysts causes the venomous threads to uncoil like a spring-loaded harpoon.


  • [Amazing fact 4] The largest fish caught with a rod and reel was a Great White shark. It weighed 2,664 pounds and was almost 17 feet long.


  • [Amazing fact 5] An average desktop computer holds five to 10 times more computing power than was used to land a man on the moon.


  • [Amazing fact 6] Saturn’s ring system is very wide, spreading out over a distance of 175,000 miles (282,000 km.). If you traveled that distance from Earth, you would be more than halfway to the moon.


  • [Amazing fact 7] Attempting to view Pluto from Earth is like trying to see a walnut from 30 miles away.


  • [Amazing fact 8] In 1965, Tommy Cash—Johnny Cash's younger brother—released a song titled "I Didn't Walk the Line."

  • [Amazing fact 9] The Milky Way Galaxy and the stars that it contains are, on average, around 13.6 billion years old.


  • [Amazing fact 10] Jellyfish move in essentially two ways. They take water in their bell and then squirt it out behind them, which creates a jet of water that moves them forward. They also drift on water currents.


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