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  • [Finance fact 1] You are less likely to die during an economic depression. This is mostly attributed to cleaner air, reduced traffic, and fewer dollars spent on vices like tobacco and alcohol.


  • [Finance fact 2] U.S. consumers spend about nearly $5 billion a year on Christmas gifts for their pets.


  • [Finance fact 3] One million $1 bills would weigh 2,040.8 pounds. One million dollars in $100 bills would weigh only 20.4 pounds.


  • [Finance fact 4] Lottery winners in Australia can choose to remain anonymous. This rule was implemented after an 8 year named Graeme Thorne was kidnapped for ransom then murdered after the father won a lottery in 1960.


  • [Finance fact 5] The currency most traded around the world is the U.S. dollar. Other heavily traded currencies are the euro, the Japanese yen, and the pound sterling (British pound).


  • [Finance fact 6] 69% of Americans have less than $1,000 in their savings accounts and 34% have no savings at all


  • [Finance fact 7] Dollar bills used to be larger. They were first printed in their current size in 1929. Today a dollar bill is 2.625 inches from top to bottom. It measures 6.125 inches from left to right.


  • [Finance fact 8] Newspapers have such large-sized sheets of paper because of a British 1816 tax on newspapers. The “knowledge tax” was levied by page. In response, newspapers started using larger paper size to accommodate more text, thereby reducing the number of pages taxed.


  • [Finance fact 9] Canada created the Chinese Head Tax in the 1880s, which taxed the entrance of Chinese immigrants into Canada. It was created to discourage Chinese from entering the country after the Canadian Pacific Railway was completed. That tax was abolished by the Chinese Immigration Act of 1923, which completely banned most forms of Chinese immigration to Canada. While in place, the tax collected $23 million ($800 million in 2013 dollars).


  • [Finance fact 10] When child actor Jackie Coogan turned 18, he found out that all his money had been spent by his mother who argued that every dollar a child makes before the age of 21 belongs to his parents. Coogan's law was then passed to protect child actors.


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