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  • [Sports fact 1] The city of Denver was originally awarded the honor of hosting the 1976 Winter Olympics. The people of Colorado, however, voted against funding the games, and Innsbruck (Austria) ended up hosting them. This is the only time in history that a city has been awarded the games but rejected them later.


  • [Sports fact 2] The first-ever Ironman Triathlon was won by US Navy Communications Specialist Gordon Haller. The runner-up John Dunbar, a US Navy Seal, was winning after the second transition but lost his lead when he ran out of the water and his support crew started giving him beer instead.


  • [Sports fact 3] Many university athletes read at an 8th-grade level and the NCAA systematically hides this.


  • [Sports fact 4] Thaipusam is a festival that is celebrated by the Tamil community of India. It is dedicated to Lord Murugan, the god of war, on the full moon in January or February. The festival is also known for its bizarre way of showing devotion to god. Devotees often pierce different parts of their body with silver skewers and take on other physical burdens.


  • [Sports fact 5] In 2016, an indigenous Mexican woman named María Lorena Ramírez from the Tarahumara community won a 50 km ultramarathon featuring 500 runners from 12 countries while wearing a skirt and sandals made from tire rubber.


  • [Sports fact 6] A man named Dean Karnazes can run without ever getting tired due to his exponentially high lactate threshold. He was able to run a Marathon in the south pole at -25°C and run for three consecutive nights before having to stop for sleep.


  • [Sports fact 7] In 1974, the Cleveland Indians had a $0.10 Beer Night. Cleveland had to forfeit the game when their drunk fans started a riot during the 9th inning. Players had to attack fans with baseball bats to protect themselves.


  • [Sports fact 8] The night before the Miracle on Ice, American goalie Jim Craig and Soviet star forward Sergei Markov played the arcade game "Centipede" at the Olympic Village. The two could barely speak in each other's language, so they communicated with nods and laughs.


  • [Sports fact 9] Alan Shepard pulled out a makeshift six-iron he smuggled on board Apollo 14 and hit two golf balls on the lunar surface, becoming the first and only person to play golf anywhere other than Earth.


  • [Sports fact 10] American actor Fred Astaire started skateboarding in his 70's, got a lifetime membership to the National Skateboard Society, and broke his wrist skateboarding at the age of 78.


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