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  • [Space fact 1] "Moonglade" is the bright reflection of the moon's light on an expanse of water.


  • [Space fact 2] Neil Armstrong's 82-year-old grandmother told him to have a look around and not step on the moon if "it didn't look good". Neil agreed he wouldn't.


  • [Space fact 3] While the equatorial diameter of Earth is 27 miles greater than its diameter measured from pole to pole, the two diameters for Venus are virtually the same, making the planet an almost perfect sphere.


  • [Space fact 4] The International Space station is the size of a football field and can be spotted in night sky, as it is the third brightest object in the sky and orbits around the world every 92 minutes.


  • [Space fact 5] It takes so long for a star to die that astronomers have not yet observed a fully dead star.


  • [Space fact 6] If sound could travel through empty space, we would be able to hear the sun at 125 decibels from Earth's surface. In comparison, 120 decibels is a train horn about one meter away from you.


  • [Space fact 7] Three out of every five solar systems in the universe have two stars at their center instead of one.


  • [Space fact 8] NASA and ESA (European Space Agency) hope to collaborate on future missions to Mars, including sample-return missions as well as eventually landing humans on Mars by 2035.


  • [Space fact 9] The “dark side” or far side of the moon is actually not always dark. It reflects light as often as the near side, once per lunar day, during the new moon phase (when the Earth-facing side is completely dark).


  • [Space fact 10] Saturn is not the only planet with rings. Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune also have rings, although they are much fainter and less spectacular than Saturn’s.


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