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  • [Games fact 1] The creator of the popular board game "Guess Who?" was a classmate (Theo Coster) of Anne Frank.


  • [Games fact 2] 1 in 400 solitaire hands is totally unplayable, meaning "no cards can be moved to the foundations even at the start of the game."


  • [Games fact 3] Australian serial killer Ivan Milat lost 25kg from a failed hunger strike in prison when he was denied a PlayStation.


  • [Games fact 4] Pîhtokahanapiwiyin, or Poundmaker successfully pushed back a Canadian military force and instead of continuing the fight, he surrendered himself to the British government stating, “Had I wanted war, I would not be here now. I should be on the prairie. You did not catch me. I gave myself up.”


  • [Games fact 5] Spock was originally going to have red skin, but the idea was scrapped because the makeup looked like blackface on a monochrome television.


  • [Games fact 6] Tag brothers are a group of 10 men who have been playing the game of tag since 1990, chasing each other around the country, traveling by plane, car, etc. As of 2018, the game is still ongoing.


  • [Games fact 7] In mobile games, 60% of revenues come from 0.23% of players.


  • [Games fact 8] The 1913 Tour de France rules forbade outside assistance when riders’ bicycles broke. At one point, the race leader’s front fork broke and he trekked 10km to a forge where he repaired it himself, as he happened to also be a skilled mechanic. He was penalized 10 min because a child worked the bellows


  • [Games fact 9] Chinese checkers is a German variation of an American game. It was later introduced to the Chinese by the Japanese.


  • [Games fact 10] There is a video game, called "Lose/Lose" that deletes a random file on your computer every time you kill an enemy.


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