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  • [Relationship fact 1] In 955 A.D., Bishop Dunstan went to bring back King Eadwig from his bedroom after his coronation as he failed to attend a meeting of noble. Dunstan found the young king in bed with two women, a mother, and her daughter. Infuriated by this, Dunstan dragged Eadwig back. Later realizing that he had provoked the king, Dunstan fled England and refused to return until after Eadwig's death.


  • [Relationship fact 2] In 1187, King Philip II of France and King Richard I of England (whilst a prince), shared a bed overnight in a symbol of unity between the two countries.


  • [Relationship fact 3] Charlie Chaplin was into young girls. He fired an underaged girl from his movie after she refused to abort his child and narrowly escaped a sex scandal by marrying her in secret.


  • [Relationship fact 4] Every nation in the world allows its citizens to divorce under some conditions except for the Philippines and Vatican City.


  • [Relationship fact 5] Photographer Lassi Rautiainen documented an unusual friendship between a female grey wolf and a male brown bear in Finland. He spotted them together every night for 10 days straight, spending several hours together between 8 pm to 4 am. They would even share food together.


  • [Relationship fact 6] Nancy Wake was a secret agent who served Britain during World War 2 and went on to become the Gestapo’s most wanted person. Her exploits included judo-chopping a man to death, and cycling 310 miles undetected through German territory and checkpoints to replace codes which had been destroyed in a raid.


  • [Relationship fact 7] In a CIA program called "Operation Midnight Climax", prostitutes were enlisted by the CIA to lure men to 'safehouses' in San Francisco where they were administered LSD without their consent. CIA Agents would then watch them have sex with the prostitutes through one-way mirrors.


  • [Relationship fact 8] There is a conference for all towns and cities around the world named Newcastle that is held every 2 years, where members meet up and discuss how to form better relationships around the world.


  • [Relationship fact 9] Before he became President, Grover Cleveland had an affair with a woman which resulted in her becoming pregnant, and in order to cover up the scandal, he had her committed and her child sent to an orphanage.


  • [Relationship fact 10] Alan Rickman dated the same woman named Rima Horton for over 40 years. In 2012, he married her in a secret ceremony, then walked over the Brooklyn Bridge together. They didn't tell anybody until 2014.


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