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  • [Monarch fact 1] In 1120, the captain of the White Ship was encouraged by on-board revelers to try and overtake another vessel on which King Henry I was a passenger. In the dark the ship hit a submerged rock and capsized, leading to the death of Henry's only heir (William Adelin), which led to a 20-year civil war.


  • [Monarch fact 2] Queen Victoria was the first British monarch to be photographed.


  • [Monarch fact 3] The last native Prince of Wales (Owain Glyndŵr) disappeared at the end of his rebellion in 1412 and managed to remain hidden despite a large bounty and an eventual pardon. His fate and location have remained a closely guarded family secret for over 600 years.


  • [Monarch fact 4] During World War 2, King Christian X of Denmark was one of the only rulers of an occupied country who refused to go into exile for his own safety. He took daily rides through Copenhagen unattended to show he was not afraid.


  • [Monarch fact 5] Princess Diana was 19 when Prince Charles, 31, proposed to her. Because royal custom required Charles marry a virgin, nearly every other woman of good lineage nearer his age was disqualified.


  • [Monarch fact 6] In 1982, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother was rushed to hospital when a fish bone became stuck in her throat, and she ended up having an operation to remove it. Being a keen fisher, she calmly joked when it was done: "The salmon have got their own back."


  • [Monarch fact 7] The Ottoman Empire's Sultan Ibrahim I had 280 of his concubines drowned in the ocean after one of them slept with another man.


  • [Monarch fact 8] In 1533, Catherine de' Medici became the queen of France. She fancied spinach so much that she insisted it be served at every meal. To this day, dishes made with spinach are known as "Florentine", reflecting Catherine's birth in Florence.


  • [Monarch fact 9] During her 67-year reign, Queen Victoria survived at least 7 assassination attempts. One attempt was by an 18-year-old hunchbacked dwarf, who was later caught when police rounded up every hunchback and dwarf in London.


  • [Monarch fact 10] In 2010, a papyrus document featuring Cleopatra's handwriting went on display at Philadelphia’s Franklin Institute. The document refers to a tax break for a friend of her husband Mark Antony. Cleopatra signed it with a Greek word meaning "make it happen".


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