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  • [Weapons fact 1] Zeppo Marx owned a company that produced the clamps that held 'Fat Man', the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki.


  • [Weapons fact 2] The US Army during World War 2 developed a grenade (T13 Beano Grenade) the same size and shape as a baseball, to make it more effective for the soldiers who had grown up playing baseball.


  • [Weapons fact 3] Henry Cavill, star of the Man of Steel, was next in line to be cast as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter, Edward Cullen in Twilight, and James Bond in Casino Royale, but lost the roles all three times.


  • [Weapons fact 4] Operation Looking Glass was a 24-hour a day, continuously airborne command center capable of directing all of the United States' nuclear assets as a backup, should SAC's ground facilities be destroyed. Taking turns, the airplanes stayed continuously staffed for 29 years.


  • [Weapons fact 5] The "whistling" noise used to indicate bombs falling in movies and TV shows is almost always the wrong way round. Anyone underneath a bomb that made such a sound (only specific WW2-era bombs) would hear the pitch increasing as it got closer, not decreasing, due to the Doppler effect.


  • [Weapons fact 6] In the United States, any violent crime committed with a gun equipped with a suppressor has a minimum prison sentence of 30 years.


  • [Weapons fact 7] Germans accidentally bombed themselves during the onset of World War 2 and then used propaganda to blame the French and British while threatening five-fold retaliation.


  • [Weapons fact 8] In World War 1, the British would fire giant stink bombs at the German trenches. The bombs smelled terrible but were harmless. This was done to compel the Germans to put on gasmasks, which made them less effective fighters, prior to an assault.


  • [Weapons fact 9] A fur trapper named Ben Cochrum was attacked by wolves in 1922. After shooting seven wolves and beating four to death with his gun, the stock broke and he succumbed to being "torn to shreds". His body was found surrounded by the remains of the 11 wolves he had killed fighting for his life.


  • [Weapons fact 10] During WWII the fuel used for torpedos by the American navy was 180-proof grain alcohol. Sailors mixed it with pineapple juice and called the drink torpedo juice. Various poisonous additives were mixed into the fuel alcohol by Navy authorities to render the alcohol undrinkable, and various methods were employed by the U.S. sailors to separate the alcohol from the poison.


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