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  • [Beverages fact 1] During Prohibition, many major breweries turned to sell malt extract for use in baking bread and desserts. It was also hop flavored. One city reported enough was sold each week to make 16 loaves of bread for every man, woman, and child.


  • [Beverages fact 2] Former Prime Minister of Australia Bob Hawke had a serious accident at the age of 17. This near-death experience acted as his catharsis, driving him to make the most of his talents and not let his abilities go to waste. Later, he set a world record by drinking 1.4 liters of beer in 11 seconds.


  • [Beverages fact 3] The real Mark Zuckerberg had never heard of an Appletini before he watched 'The Social Network'. After he tried one, he liked it so much he made the Appletini Facebook's official drink.


  • [Beverages fact 4] In WW2 Russians changed their R2 rocket fuel from ethyl to methyl alcohol to prevent the problem of the launch troops drinking up the rocket fuel.


  • [Beverages fact 5] Spanish drink called "Kola Coca" was presented at a contest in Philadelphia in 1885, a year before the official birth of Coca-Cola. The rights to this Spanish drink were bought by Coca-Cola in 1953.


  • [Beverages fact 6] Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa, who is often portrayed as the epitome of Mexican machismo, never really drank alcohol. He actually was so worried about alcoholism spreading in Mexico, that he banned alcohol from his province of Chihuahua.


  • [Beverages fact 7] During Prohibition, bootlegger William S. McCoy became famous for never watering down his beer or booze as opposed to many who did so to stretch profits. As a result, people starting calling his products, "the real McCoy."


  • [Beverages fact 8] In 1848, the British East India Company sent Botanist Robert Fortune on a trip to China's interior, an area forbidden to foreigners to steal tea seeds from China to India. He succeeded and within his lifetime, India surpassed China as the world's largest tea grower.


  • [Beverages fact 9] A 2011 study showed that women who drink two to three cups of caffeinated coffee a day were 15% less likely to develop depression over a 10-year period than those who drank one cup of coffee or less per week.


  • [Beverages fact 10] In England and Wales, it’s legal to consume alcohol on private premises from the age of 5.


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