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  • [Humanbody fact 1] Three researchers won the 2015 Ig Nobel Prize in Physics for “testing the biological principle that nearly all mammals empty their bladders in about 21 seconds (plus or minus 13 seconds).”


  • [Humanbody fact 2] Armpit odor is completely dependent on a single gene (ABCC11) and that many East Asians (and almost all Koreans) do not need to wear deodorant because of this gene.


  • [Humanbody fact 3] Khalid bin Mohsen Shaari was once the fattest man on Earth at 610 kg (1,340 lb). In 2013, Saudi King Abdullah ordered Khalid to come to the country's capital, Riyadh, to undergo a series of dietary and physical programs in order to help him lose weight. By 2017 after only 4 years he had successfully lost 542 kg (1,195 lb) and reached a healthy weight of 68 kg (150 lb). It was the biggest weight loss ever recorded


  • [Humanbody fact 4] In 2009, a Polish woman filed a lawsuit against a hotel in Egypt after claiming that sperm in the swimming pool got her 13-year-old daughter pregnant.


  • [Humanbody fact 5] Joseph Stalin was only 5'3" (163 cm) in height.


  • [Humanbody fact 6] Humans are the only primates without a penis bone, leaving us dependent on hydraulic pressure alone. The penis bone in other primates “aids sexual reproduction by maintaining sufficient stiffness during sexual penetration.”


  • [Humanbody fact 7] Yoga is more dangerous than previously thought, and causes as many injuries as other sports. It can also exacerbate existing pain, with 21% of existing injuries worsened.


  • [Humanbody fact 8] All it really takes is one freak accident at some point in the manufacturing process and you may end up with teeth in your food. Human teeth have been found in canned food, sausages, and ice creams. An Australian man nearly choked on a gold tooth in his Mars bar. One man sued Kraft Foods in 2006 for making him physically and mentally ill. He said his symptoms started when he bit into a large rodent tooth that was in hiding in his Planter’s peanuts.


  • [Humanbody fact 9] There is about 0.2 milligrams of gold in our bodies, most of which is in our blood.


  • [Humanbody fact 10] “Old people house smell” is caused by our bodies releasing more of the chemical 2-nonenal as we age.


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