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  • [Countries fact 1] Squonk is a mythological creature from Pennsylvania that is so ugly that it cries constantly from loneliness and shame, dissolving in a puddle of its own tears when cornered.


  • [Countries fact 2] The USA first banned a book in 1637. It was the "New English Canaan". The author lampoons and criticizes the Puritans and compares their leadership to crustaceans because Puritans believed that Indians were wild men that needed to be suppressed (among other things). It's been sold at auction for $60,000.


  • [Countries fact 3] The city of Reykjavík, Iceland, uses hot water to maintain the temperature of a section of its downtown pond so that the birds living there always have a corner to swim, even in winter.


  • [Countries fact 4] Entrapment law in the United States does not require police officers to identify themselves as police in the case of a sting or other undercover work, and police officers may lie in doing such work. The law is instead specifically concerned with enticing people to commit crimes they would not have considered in the normal course of events.


  • [Countries fact 5] If monsoons are delayed, in some parts of India Hindu priests sit inside barrels containing water as they perform special prayers in order to appease Varun Dev, the Hindu God of sky and water.


  • [Countries fact 6] The 2007 film "The Simpsons movie" was outsourced to North Korea's SEK studios.


  • [Countries fact 7] In Finland, city planners are known to visit parks immediately after the first snowfall, when the existing walking paths are not visible. People naturally choose desire paths, clearly marked by their footprints, which can be then used to guide the routing of new purpose-built paved paths.


  • [Countries fact 8] The Norman Invasion of England 1066 caused many English noblemen to flee England for the Byzantine Empire (modern day Turkey and Greece). There, the English diaspora founded the town, New York, 600 years before “New York” in America existed.


  • [Countries fact 9] The US Mint used to produce a silver three cent coin between 1851 to 1872 known as a “trime.”


  • [Countries fact 10] A Dutch city of Utrecht celebrated George Orwell’s 110th birthday by putting party hats on surveillance cameras.


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