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  • [History fact 1] Yuri Kondratyuk was a Soviet pioneer of astronautics, who while working in Siberia, built an enormous wooden grain elevator with a capacity of 13,000 tons without using any nails. Due to using such an unusual construction, he was arrested on suspicion of sabotage. The elevator stood till the 90s.


  • [History fact 2] The Sacred Band of Thebes was a company of 150 pairs of homosexual lovers, who were considered amongst the most elite soldiers of their time. They were formed in the 4th century BC and helped end Spartan domination.


  • [History fact 3] In addition to ending World War 1, the Treaty of Versailles also made it clear so that Bayer could no longer trademark “heroin.”


  • [History fact 4] During the English Civil War, Lady Mary Bankes defended a castle from over 200 attackers with only five men under her initial command. She would be reinforced by 80 royalists and would hold against a total of 600 men for three years before being betrayed and forced to surrender.


  • [History fact 5] Large sections of Montana and Washington used to be covered by a massive lake held back by ice. When the ice broke it released 4,500 megatons of force, 90 times more powerful than the largest nuclear weapon ever detonated, moving 50 cubic miles of land.


  • [History fact 6] During the Korean War, American and Greek soldiers at Outpost Harry defended against multiple Chinese assaults of far greater numbers. At times being outnumbered 30:1, massive artillery bombardments and intense hand-to-hand fighting were daily occurrences. The Chinese failed to take the outpost.


  • [History fact 7] The site where Julius Caesar was assassinated by the Roman senate in 44 BC is now a no-kill shelter for homeless cats


  • [History fact 8] Pierre Joubert (1701-1814), aged 113, was believed to have been the oldest person who ever lived. It was later discovered that Pierre died in 1766 at the age of 65 and his son by the same name died in 1814, causing the confusion.


  • [History fact 9] Neanderthals, who were traditionally thought of as extremely primitive humans, are now believed to have been extremely intelligent, even comparable to the intelligence of modern humans. They used tools, had social structures, thrived in hostile environments, and lived long lives.


  • [History fact 10] Bob Marley wrote a song called "Zimbabwe" in support of the Marxist-Leninist and Maoist guerillas fighting against the Rhodesian government. After Robert Mugabe became the leader of the new country of Zimbabwe, Marley was invited to perform at the country's independence celebrations.


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