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  • [Mystery fact 1] The popular arcade game NBA Jam was thought to be haunted. During demo mode, the machines would randomly shout "Petrovic", the name of an NBA player (Dražen Petrović) who died in a car accident shortly after the game finished production.


  • [Mystery fact 2] An engineer named Vic Tandy established a connection between supposed paranormal activity and infrasound frequency (~19Hz), which is below the range of human hearing and also roughly the resonant frequency of our eyeballs, causing some people to 'see' things that aren't there.


  • [Mystery fact 3] There has been an encrypted sculpture called "Kryptos" that is located on the grounds of the CIA headquarters since 1990 and has yet to be fully decrypted.


  • [Mystery fact 4] On December 11, 2002, two motorists called the police reporting of a car veering off the road. A search uncovered a car concealed in dense undergrowth and the long-dead driver nearby. The man had in fact been dead for 5 months.


  • [Mystery fact 5] KFC, in order to keep the original recipe a secret, has a company mix the first half of the 11 spices then ship it to McCormick, who adds the second half to the mix before sending it back to KFC.


  • [Mystery fact 6] The Mormon church has a vault (able to withstand a nuclear attack) that stores genealogical history.


  • [Mystery fact 7] The asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars is not the leftover debris of a destroyed planet as it was previously believed. It is, in fact, the remains of a planet that never formed due to Jupiter's mass.


  • [Mystery fact 8] The Blue Hole is a 120-meter-deep sinkhole, five miles north of Dahab, Egypt. It has been nicknamed “divers’ cemetery” as nearly 200 divers have died here in recent years. Many of those who died were attempting to swim under the arch. This challenge is to scuba divers what Kilimanjaro is to hikers.


  • [Mystery fact 9] Over 2000 large man-made tunnels, known as "Erdstall", have been discovered across Europe, and nobody knows who made them or why


  • [Mystery fact 10] Charles Morgan, an escrow agent working for the FBI and 2 big crime groups, was found shot in the back of the head. He had on a bulletproof vest, had a map to the location his body was found, had his tooth in his pocket and a bill with a bible reference. His death was ruled as suicide.


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