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  • [Health fact 1] A man named George with severe OCD and a phobia of germs attempted to commit suicide at the age of 19 via a gunshot wound to the head. Instead of killing him, the bullet eliminated his mental illness without any other brain damage.


  • [Health fact 2] There is a disorder which can cause children mostly between 3 and 7 to suddenly lose their language skills. It can seriously affect their language production and comprehension later in life. It is called Landau-Kleffner syndrome or infantile acquired aphasia. Some people with this syndrome also suffer from seizures, and scientists are yet to understand why the disorder occurs.


  • [Health fact 3] In the 1950s, the most reliable and fastest pregnancy test was to expose female toads to the woman's urine. If the woman was pregnant, elevated levels of the hormone hCG would cause the toad to develop eggs within 24 hours.


  • [Health fact 4] A British naval doctor named James Lind figured out how to “treat” scurvy with lemons and oranges. He then published his findings which were well received. The British navy continued to supply sailors with less effective lime juice and scurvy continued as a major cause of death for a century.


  • [Health fact 5] One of the dangers of working in a try-works (a furnace in the whaling industry) is that a rotting pregnant whale could fill with gas and burst, ejecting a fetus the size of a motor vehicle with sufficient force to kill a man.


  • [Health fact 6] The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences has estrogen in its list of known cancer-causing agents. Estrogen is a natural hormone circulating in significant amounts through the bodies of half the world's population.


  • [Health fact 7] Within a split second, the human nose modifies the moisture of inhaled air to a constant relative humidity of 75%, and the temperature to a constant of 98.6°F (even if the air is 40°F or 100°F).


  • [Health fact 8] Antibacterial soap is no better than regular soap at preventing sickness and children who use it regularly are more likely to develop peanut allergies and hay fever.


  • [Health fact 9] Visual hallucinations are usually associated with schizophrenia or drug use, but there is a condition named Charles Bonnet Syndrome, which can cause a healthy person to experience visual hallucinations. It isn’t caused by any mental illness but caused by vision loss. One-third of the people whose eyesight starts deteriorating, experience vivid, cartoonish visual hallucinations. Victims mostly tend to see weird creatures and animals. The reason behind this is that the brain always expects sensory input from the eyes, but when it receives nothing due to vision loss; it creates its own inputs.


  • [Health fact 10] The 1945 Food and Nutrition Board Paper’s often quoted statement “humans require roughly 2.5 liters (8 glasses) per day” is only half of the full statement. The other half was “we get most of the fluid we need from food and other beverages.”


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