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  • [Cartoons fact 1] The Simpsons episode “22 Short Films About Springfield” was a backdoor pilot for a proposed series. 'Tales from Springfield' would have told three different short stories per week, focusing on secondary characters and telling stories about the Simpsons family members’ past or future.


  • [Cartoons fact 2] Politician Boss Tweed was brought down by Thomas Nast's cartoons, which painted him as the embodiment of corruption. Tweed said to aides, “Let's stop them damned pictures. I don't care so much what the papers write about—my constituents can't read—but damn it, they can see pictures.”


  • [Cartoons fact 3] Garfield was never intended to be funny. It was a conscious (and very successful) effort to create a comic strip that would be marketable and make money, not laughs.


  • [Cartoons fact 4] Charles Schulz always disliked the title of Peanuts, which was given to his comic strip by the syndicate. In a 1987 interview, Schulz said of it: “It’s totally ridiculous, has no meaning, is simply confusing, and has no dignity—and I think my humor has dignity.”


  • [Cartoons fact 5] In The Simpsons S26E14, the other kids play with phones/portable consoles but Nelson has Ball-In-A-Cup because he's poor.


  • [Cartoons fact 6] On January 1, 2019, all works published in 1923 enter the public domain. This is the first public domain entrance of copyrighted material in 20 years.


  • [Cartoons fact 7] Elmer Fudd initially just wanted to shoot Bugs Bunny with a camera. He came to the country to photograph wildlife, but Bugs drove him crazy, causing him to jump into a lake and nearly drown. After that Elmer replaced the camera with a rifle.


  • [Cartoons fact 8] Cartoon character Betty Boop was a complete visual and vocal copy of singer/actress Helen Kane, AKA the "Boop Boop a Doop girl." Kane sued over theft of her image but lost when it was discovered she had copied her own act from a Harlem jazz singer, Baby Esther.


  • [Cartoons fact 9] Rugrats: Have you ever wondered just how only Angelica can talk to the babies? Well, according to this theory, the babies are a figment of her imagination. She is spoilt, sad and lonely because her mother is constantly working and has no time for her. Her relationship with her dad is superficial and unsubstantial, no real love is ever shown to her. So how did it come about that Angelica would have to imagine these babies? Tommy died soon after childbirth, a fact reflected by Stu never leaving the basement, inventing toys that his son will never play with. Chuckie died in the car crash along with his mum, also reflected in the actions of his father; the crash has made him a pathetic nervous wreck most of the time. Most interesting is Phil and Lil. There never were any twins. There was just one baby. However, this baby was stillborn, and Angelica never knew the sex of the still born, so she invented twins of different genders. Sadly, Angelica never uses her imaginary friends to comfort or entertain her, instead, she is mean and nasty to them. She has invented this relationship with these babies so she can vent her frustrations of being a spoilt, lonely brat who has seen much hardship from these unfortunate parents; frustrations that can't be satisfied by a typical childhood relationship with a doll, albeit a Cynthia one.


  • [Cartoons fact 10] NASA wanted to send Big Bird into space on the Challenger in 1986 to get children interested in space. The Big Bird suit was too big, however, so they sent teacher Christa McAuliffe instead. The Challenger exploded shortly after liftoff.


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