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  • [Nazi fact 1] Disney released a movie during World War 2 called "Der Fuehrer's Face", which depicted Donald Duck having a nightmarish time in the Nazi Regime. It is the only Donald Duck film to win an Academy Award.


  • [Nazi fact 2] Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath fame once got arrested for punching a Nazi in a bar.


  • [Nazi fact 3] A French weightlifter named Charles Rigoulot was jailed for hitting a Nazi guard but broke out of his jail cell by bending the bars. He allowed other prisoners to escape as well. He then beat the guard who jailed him.


  • [Nazi fact 4] Stella Kübler was a German Jewish who collaborated with the Nazis in hunting down thousands of hiding Jews even after the Nazis killed her parents. The Nazis called her “blonde poison.” After the war, she converted to Christianity and became an open anti-Semite.


  • [Nazi fact 5] “Stolpersteine” (German for stumbling stones) are small cobblestones that are etched with the names and fates of Nazi Victims. They are placed all over Europe in front of the last free home the victim had before deportation. Their intent is to remind people of the victims of their Nazi past in a manner that does not glorify those events.


  • [Nazi fact 6] During the Night of the Long Knives, the Nazis accidentally killed a music critic called Willi Schmid, when their intended target had been someone with a similar surname. A few days after his death, Rudolf Hess visited Willi’s widow and apologized for the mistake, and offered her a pension.


  • [Nazi fact 7] During the runup to World War 2, Chase Bank made $500,000 by selling Reichsmarks stolen from Jews that fled Germany to Nazi sympathizers in the US.


  • [Nazi fact 8] When it was revealed to Hermann Göring that his prized Vermeer painting was a forgery, it was said “[Göring] looked as if for the first time he had discovered there was evil in the world.”


  • [Nazi fact 9] Nazi Party lawyer Wilhelm Stuckart was responsible for the Nazi regime’s program of euthanasia for “deformed newborns.” Two years after creating the laws, his own son born with Down syndrome became one of their victims.


  • [Nazi fact 10] It was the Third Reich who devised the idea of carrying the Olympic torch through a relay system.


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