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  • [Insects fact 1] Predatory dragonflies the size of modern seagulls were present on the earth about 300 million years ago. The leading theory suggests that their large size was due to high oxygen concentrations (over 30% unlike the 21% today) in the atmosphere.


  • [Insects fact 2] When female aphids are born, they are already pregnant with their own embryos. This is called Telescoping Generations, in which a grandmother technically gives birth to the next two generations at once.


  • [Insects fact 3] Parasite (parasitus) was an accepted role in Roman society, in which a person could live off the hospitality of others, in return for "flattery, simple services, and a willingness to endure humiliation".


  • [Insects fact 4] Some leafcutter ants grow antibiotics on their backs so that when their nests get infected with microbes they roll on it to kill bacteria. This new discovery is helping doctors and researchers stop the current antibiotic crisis.


  • [Insects fact 5] Ant queens can take over other colonies by murdering their real queen and bathing in her bodily fluids to avoid detection. Since ants can only parasitize other specific species, it is speculated that some ants decorate their homes with the heads of other ant species to mask their own scent.


  • [Insects fact 6] More than 90% of the monarch butterfly population has vanished in the last 25 years.


  • [Insects fact 7] Ampulex dementor is a species of wasp that is named after the Dementors in Harry Potter series. This name was chosen to reflect the fact that the wasp uses a toxin to neutralize the neural behavior of cockroaches and makes them docile as if their souls had been sucked out.


  • [Insects fact 8] Some sap-sucking sea slugs incorporate living chloroplasts from the algae they eat into their own bodies, allowing the slugs to temporarily live off of solar energy through photosynthesis. For this reason, they are also known as “solar-powered sea slugs.”


  • [Insects fact 9] There is a blind cave beetle named after Adolf Hitler, Anophthalmus hitleri. Nazi memorabilia collectors willing to pay up to £1200 for a specimen are putting it at risk of extinction.


  • [Insects fact 10] The Sugarloaf Key Bat Tower was built in the Florida Keys in 1929 and it was filled with bats to control the mosquito problem. The bats flew away, never to return, and the tower toppled after Hurricane Irma.


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