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  • [Tribes fact 1] According to Navajo culture the weaver of a rug would deliberately put an imperfection, called a "ch’ihónít’i" ("spirit line"), believed to allow the release of the weaver's spirit from the woven item, and also symbolizes the perfection-in-imperfection.


  • [Tribes fact 2] In Nigeria's Yoruba culture, the second born twin is the elder twin. The first born twin (Taiwo) is kicked out of the womb by the second born twin (Kehinde) to 'test' the world. Kehinde knows it is safe once Taiwo starts crying.


  • [Tribes fact 3] The Donner party refused food from Native Americans who then kept their distance when they witnessed the Donner party resort to cannibalism.


  • [Tribes fact 4] The Cherokee Indians have a creation myth where a man slaps a woman with a fish and children appear.


  • [Tribes fact 5] The Northern Great Plains was home to many fortified Native American towns, beginning in the 800s and existing all the way until the 1880s. These towns had over a thousand residents and a plaza centric layout. These were sedentary towns where people lived year-round.


  • [Tribes fact 6] British colonizers infected Tasmanian Aboriginal women with venereal diseases that left a significant percentage of the population unable to reproduce. This was one of several factors leading to the complete eradication of the Tasmanian Aboriginal people.


  • [Tribes fact 7] In 1971, the US military kicked out the inhabitants of Diego Garcia Atoll to build a military base. Some (not all) inhabitants received only $6000 of restitution 15 years later.


  • [Tribes fact 8] Sioux Indians peacefully surrendered as their land was being stolen, then still were attacked by US forces in the Wounded Knee Massacre.


  • [Tribes fact 9] Most indigenous communities who paint their bodies live in areas where there is an abundance of bloodsucking horseflies, mosquitoes, or tsetse flies - and a 2019 study showed that white, painted stripes on the body protect skin from insect bites, hence protecting them from airborne diseases.


  • [Tribes fact 10] The Vandals was a large East Germanic tribe originating from Poland and who, fleeing from the Huns, gradually migrated to Roman territories during the 5th century. They conquered Spain and most of Northern Africa and eventually sacked and looted Rome. The word "vandalism" is named after them.


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