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  • [Marvel fact 1] On very rare occasions, Spider-Man has been known to use his wall-clinging abilities offensively, sticking to and then ripping off of characters like Norman Osborn and Sasha Kravinoff.


  • [Marvel fact 2] According to Stan Lee, one of the reasons Spiderman wears a mask is so his enemies can’t see when he’s afraid.


  • [Marvel fact 3] The idea to cast Andy Serkis as Ulysses Klaue in Avengers: Age of Ultron originated from the film’s creative team finding a photoshopped picture of the actor fan-cast as the character.


  • [Marvel fact 4] A comic publisher in Alabama refused to print the very first issue of Alias in 2001 because it implied Luke Cage and Jessica Jones were having interracial an*l sex, which it deemed, “offensive.”


  • [Marvel fact 5] Magneto had the number 214782 tattooed on his arm during the Holocaust. Because this couldn’t have been a legitimate Auschwitz number, it was later retconned to 24005.


  • [Marvel fact 6] Elvis Presley based his trademark haircut as well as some of his costumes after a Marvel superhero, Captain Marvel Jr.


  • [Marvel fact 7] In the Marvel comic book universe, Tony Stark owns Area 51.


  • [Marvel fact 8] An artist named Francis Tsai who worked for Marvel was later diagnosed with ALS. When the disease paralyzed his arms, he learned to draw using his right foot on an iPhone. When he was no longer able to use his feet, he used eye-gaze technology in order to keep drawing. He died on April 23, 2015.


  • [Marvel fact 9] In 'X-Men: First Class', Jennifer Lawrence's character Mystique morphs into a beautiful model in an attempt to look older and seduce Magneto. This woman is Rebecca Romijn, who portrayed Mystique in the three previous "X-Men" movies.


  • [Marvel fact 10] After his secret identity as Daredevil was released to the public, Matt Murdock occasionally wore a shirt with the phrase “I’m not Daredevil” printed on it.


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