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  • [Drugs fact 1] In 1994, a 75-pound bag of cocaine fell out of a plane and landed in the middle of a Florida crime watch meeting.


  • [Drugs fact 2] The Stoned Ape Theory, which is a controversial theory from Terence McKenna (American ethnobotanist) states that a lot of our advanced human evolution came as a result of the ingestion of psilocybin mushrooms, also known as magic mushrooms by our primate ancestors.


  • [Drugs fact 3] In the 1930s, penicillin was so precious that it was re-extracted from the urine of patients who took penicillin to conserve every last bit of it.


  • [Drugs fact 4] In 1984, a group of cannabis growers in Northern California sued the federal government, alleging they had been subject to illegal surveillance by U2 spy planes.


  • [Drugs fact 5] Broadcom billionaire Henry Nicholas built a secret sex lair under his house, was charged with distributing cocaine and meth, and once smoked so much weed on his jet that his pilot had to put on an oxygen mask.


  • [Drugs fact 6] In the early ‘80s, the CIA helped facilitate the widespread sale of cocaine in poor Los Angeles neighborhoods to help finance the covert war against the Sandinistas in Nicaragua. Gary Webb, the reporter from the San Jose Mercury News who first broke the story of CIA involvement in the cocaine trade, was found dead with “two gunshot wounds to the head.” His death, in 2004, was ruled a suicide.


  • [Drugs fact 7] Meth was invented in Japan. At first, it was used to curb hunger and energize Japanese citizens. Later it was given to Kamikaze pilots, soldiers, and wartime factory workers. It is now controlled and distributed by the Yakuza.


  • [Drugs fact 8] Frank R Olson, a CIA biological warfare scientist was dosed with LSD by his CIA supervisor and then committed suicide by jumping off a hotel nine days later.


  • [Drugs fact 9] In 1984, Steven Tyler heard an old Aerosmith song on the radio and didn't recognize it due to memory loss from years of drug use. He suggested to the band that they record a cover version. Joe Perry told him "It's us, fu*khead."


  • [Drugs fact 10] Slash from the band Guns N' Roses refused to allow "Glee" to use the band's music because he thought the show sucked.


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