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  • An orphan spreads a dire warning about the end of the world.

  • Having recently been plagued by nightmares, the main character realises there is more to their life when they discover that their nation is destined be destroyed by a great force that seeks to exact their revenge on those who tried to imprison them.

  • Stuck enduring the daily grind, the main character vows to do what it takes and accept their responsibilities when a dark force spreads across the land; it will eventually make them very famous.Determined to set things right, the main character, with an experienced mentor, causes several other people to get involved.

  • Your main character is a woman in her early thirties, who is very adventurous. The story begins on a lonely moor. A secret recording has been made. It's a story about loneliness. Your character needs a good plan in order to survive.

  • On just another average day, everything the main character thought they knew suddenly turns out to be a lie when whilst drunk, another character does something unexpected at a party.Knowing their true feelings but keeping them hidden, the main character the character is forced to cast their feelings aside when another person expresses their love for the main character and requires the main character to give up their current lifestyle.

  • Lonely and looking for love, the main character deliberately sabotages other people's relationships when a previously unconsidered love interest expresses their true feelings for them, causing the main character to become involved with someone else's partner.

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