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  • The story is about a crazy salesperson, a distant college student, a grave robber, and a teacher. It starts in a world-spanning nation on a volcanic planet. The story climaxes with the taking of a test. The fall of the Soviet Union plays a major part in the story.

  • This is a tale of personal transformation with an undercurrent about the need for intelligent analysis. The story is about a nihilistic zoologist who is constantly opposing a strong pedlar. It starts in a hideout. The role of artificial intelligence in society plays a major role in the story.

  • This is an odd-couple-teams-up story with an undercurrent about religion versus science. The story is about a gas station attendant. It takes place in a television studio in a manufacturing city. The crux of the story involves a delusion.

  • The story is about a rebellious healer who is in love with a seer. It starts on a war-scarred planet. The story ends with someone visiting a doctor. The religion of the world will turn out not to be what it seems.

  • The story is about a playful secretary and a private school teacher. It takes place in a convenience store in a tourist town. The story climaxes with someone giving a test. The speed of technological advancement is a major part of this story.

  • This is a story about stupidity and the falsehood of 'survival of the fittest'. The story is about a nanotechnologist who must work with a cartographer. It takes place in a magical universe. The story begins with longing, climaxes with the revelation of a dark secret, and ends with violence.

  • The story is about a salesperson who is obsessed with a psychiatrist. It starts on a fiery world. The speed of technological changes plays a major part in this story.

  • The story is about a nuclear engineer, a beastmaster, and an unethical seer who is constantly annoyed by an assistant. It takes place in a military outpost. The story begins with a political conflict, climaxes with someone borrowing money, and ends with a religious ceremony.

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Random story generator, this generator can generate some interesting random short stories, these can not be called complete stories, because they are usually some story plots and story summary, if you are a writer, or a person who likes to write, Do you sometimes not know how to continue writing? We have collected more than 250,000 short stories, and you only need to refresh to get new stories.

You can generate a specified number of short stories. This generator generates 7 random short stories by default. You can generate a number to generate up to 50 stories at a time. These stories come in a variety of styles, science fiction, action, love, animals, etc. We believe this will definitely bring some inspiration to your writing. Click on the short story text and the story will be automatically selected. It is convenient for you to copy and save.