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  • Stuck in a dead-end relationship, the main character starts to look at things differently when they have chance encounter with a charming stranger.Steadily growing more and more infatuated with the love interest, the main character is pushed aside when another character to becomes jealous and causes the love interest to suspect the main character is cheating on them.Driven by fear, the main character starts a campaign to win the heart of the love interest and in the end, after resisting temptation, the main character discovers hints that the problem has not been fully solved, but is in fact bigger than first thought....

  • Regretting decisions made in the past, the main character's loyalty is tested when they learn of a terrible beast that steadily grows in power and threatens their land; it seeks to exact their revenge on those who tried to imprison them.Determined to set things right, the main character, with the help of a crafty thief, struggles to figure out what is right or wrong.In the end, after standing up to a powerful figure, the character turns down the opportunity to take a job solving similar problems in future.

  • At the top of their game, the main character must fight to protect what they love when they realise a loved one is involved in criminal activities that could lead in a murder being committed.

  • Living a life of poverty, the peaceful life the main character once knew slowly fades away when whilst drunk, another character does something inappropriate at a party.Steadily growing more and more infatuated with the love interest, the main character is knocked for a loop when the main character's best friend gets more and more involved and eventually rumours of a secret affair begin to spread.Putting their own feelings aside, the main character decides to fight off all doubters and rivals and in the end, after a confrontation between the love interest and the main character's rival, the main character loses what they had, but gains a new understanding.

  • Your main character is a man in his late twenties, who can be quite restless. The story begins at a swimming pool. A neighbour is involved in a love triangle. It's a story about the supernatural. Your character has some tough lessons to learn.

  • Your main character is a man in his fifties, who can be quite easy-going. The story begins in a shopping centre. A family celebrates a homecoming. It's a story about friendship. Your character has some tough lessons to learn.

  • A psychic detective overhears a conversation that changes everything on a movie set.

  • Bitter about being unable to find love, the main character is forced into an adventure they do not want when an attempt at romance goes horribly wrong but catches the attention of a potential suitor.After a series of mishaps in the budding relationship, the main character falls into depression when an old rival shows up and the relationship between the main character and love interest is sabotaged.Up for a challenge, the main character gradually gets to the bottom of the issue and in the end, after building up the courage to speak to the love interest directly about the issues, the main character choses personal happiness over the love interest and does not regret their choice.

  • A bookstore owner acquires the ability to read minds in a spooky cemetary.

  • Normally spending time with their friends instead, the main character's perception of their love life changes when an irresistible love interest becomes apparent.Unsure of what the situation has become, the main character gets fired up when a seemingly better suitor shows up and results in the main character having to choose between two suitors.Trying to ignore their desires, the main character struggles to figure out what is right or wrong and in the end, after waiting patiently for the right time, the main character choses friendship over the love interest and does not regret their choice.

  • Just when everything was going fine, everything the main character thought they knew suddenly turns out to be a lie when a mysterious character forces them into a situation well outside their control that could lead in a murder being prevented.Up for a challenge, the main character, beginning to accept their destiny, desperately searches for a missing person.

  • Living a peaceful 'regular' life, the main character is suddenly thrust into a living nightmare when they are wrongly accused of the murder of a noble; it will eventually make them very infamous.

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