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  • Color Palette 1
    rgb(226, 97, 97)
    rgb(248, 238, 170)
    rgb(203, 195, 126)
    rgb(99, 195, 180)
    rgb(167, 230, 222)
  • Color Palette 2
    rgb(213, 64, 29)
    rgb(172, 177, 74)
    rgb(105, 124, 67)
    rgb(33, 50, 62)
    rgb(20, 45, 20)

New Color Palette Generator

About Color Palette Generator

This palette generator can generate a wide variety of palettes. Color matching is undoubtedly very important, the right color matching can instantly attract people's attention, which brings more traffic, but color matching is not an easy thing, it changes with time, so the popular color is changed every year. We have collected more than 100,000 popular and top rated color palettes. Each color palette has 5 colors. These five colors can be used together to make you more prominent. Each color has a corresponding hex value and rgb value below it.

This palette generator generates 2 palettes by default, you can modify the number generated. You can generate up to 100 palettes at a time.

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