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  • color name: Mauvelous
    rgb(239,152,170)  hex: #EF98AA

  • color name: Kelly green
    rgb(76,187,23)  hex: #4CBB17

  • color name: Zomp
    rgb(57,167,142)  hex: #39A78E

  • color name: Slate gray
    rgb(112,128,144)  hex: #708090

  • color name: French fuchsia
    rgb(253,63,146)  hex: #FD3F92

  • color name: Dark orange
    rgb(255,140,0)  hex: #FF8C00

  • rgb(115,230,255)  hex: #73E6FF

  • rgb(162,111,249)  hex: #A26FF9

  • rgb(218,217,124)  hex: #DAD97C

  • rgb(93,65,122)  hex: #5D417A

  • rgb(18,70,47)  hex: #12462F

  • rgb(6,82,34)  hex: #065222

New Color Generator

About Color Generator

This color generator can generate random colors, some named colors and some completely random (no names) colors. We have collected 955 colors that have been named so far, but the colors that exist are countless, not every color are all named. According to the RGB color mode, we can randomly generate colors based on r(0-255), g(0-255), and b(0-255).

So if you want to generate the currently named name, you only need to select the type of color, then enter the quantity, click the Generate button, and you can generate up to 100 colors at a time. Click on the color name, rgb value, hex value text, and the text will be automatically selected. It is convenient for you to copy and save.