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  • All because I have spoken the truth
    And I was taught to buy guns so big when I go to the roof
    Ten times outta ten catch me toaten the tool
    What's all the fanfare what's the to do
    It was my mom's birthday so I had to fly home
    The cop busted in and had a mac-10 pointed to my dome
    Grey goose and a whole lotta hydro
    To living on the streets proper from my top to my toes

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Rap has many styles, West Coast Rap, Southern Rap, Pop Rap, Latin Rap, etc. All good rap has a feature, that is rhyme, rhyme and even rap essential attributes.

This rap rhyme generator can generate rhyming rap. We have collected more than 12000 raps. These raps are all rhyming and are divided into three genres: love, truth, birthday, and randomly generate one by default. You can use the filter to generate a rap of the specified topic. Click on the rap lyrics text and the rap lyrics will be automatically selected. It is convenient for you to copy and save.