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  • /r/ShittyAskScience [Ask______]

    Title: [disprove that Reddit's New Look causes skin cancer]

    Category: [Discussion - Question/Answer]

  • /r/ireland [Europe]

    Title: [Ireland/Éire]

    Category: [Other - Geography]

  • /r/Warhammer

    Title: [All things Warhammer!]

    Category: [Video Games (General) - Individual Video Games/Series]

  • /r/trueatheism [Atheism]

    Title: [TrueAtheism]

    Category: [Lifestyle - Religion/Beliefs]

  • /r/nhlstreams [Hockey]

    Title: [NHL Streams]

    Category: [Entertainment - Sports]

  • /r/sony [Sony]

    Title: [Sony | BE MOVED]

    Category: [Video Games (General) - Game Systems/Consoles/Companies]

  • /r/italy [Europe]

    Title: [Reddit Italy - Il postribolo di radical chic tediosi e supponenti preferito dagli italiani - Italia]

    Category: [Other - Geography]

  • /r/hitmanimals [Jokes]

    Title: [Hitman Animals]

    Category: [Animals - Memes/Rage comics]

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