China Phone Number Generator

China Country Calling Code: +86

  • 04162415361

    From: Jinzhou [city], Liaoning [province]

  • 04767597690

    From: Chifeng [city], Inner Mongoria [province]

  • 09436644523

    From: Baiyin [city], Gansu [province]

  • 13057473196(mobile)

  • 041354764184

    From: Fushun [city], Liaoning [province]

  • 07015294325

    From: Yingtan [city], Jiangxi [province]

  • 05618329523

    From: Huaibei [city], Anhui [province]

  • 08345133207

    From: Liangshan [city], Sichuan [province]

  • 03915472288

    From: Jiaozuo [city], Henan [province]

  • 09397887617

    From: Longnan [city], Gansu [province]

  • 05986119130

    From: Sanming [city], Fujian [province]

  • 07768842941

    From: Baise [city], Guangxi [province]

  • 09716374759

    From: Xining [city], Qinghai [province]

  • 13013847991(mobile)

  • 03966357148

    From: Zhumadian [city], Henan [province]

  • 13013855777(mobile)

  • 13063739215(mobile)

  • 03928576192

    From: Hebi [city], Henan [province]

  • 13013807058(mobile)

  • 13151191773(mobile)

  • 05507893531

    From: Chuzhou [city], Anhui [province]

  • 13063735699(mobile)

  • 07245933719

    From: Jingmen [city], Hubei [province]

  • 13052862391(mobile)

  • 09353376620

    From: Wuwei [city], Gansu [province]

  • 051181447894

    From: Zhenjiang [city], Jiangsu [province]

  • 03183128648

    From: Hengshui [city], Hebei [province]

  • 13013764760(mobile)

  • 051788331296

    From: Huai'an [city], Jiangsu [province]

  • 13092614790(mobile)

  • 09138156641

    From: Weinan [city], Shaanxi [province]

  • 04175497794

    From: Yingkou [city], Liaoning [province]

  • 09158354998

    From: Ankang [city], Shaanxi [province]

  • 13013807012(mobile)

  • 07582229731

    From: Zhaoqing [city], Guangdong [province]

  • 05655456857

    From: Chaohu [city], Anhui [province]

  • 09513426610

    From: Yinchuan [city], Ningxia [province]

  • 04782869286

    From: Bayan Nur [city], Inner Mongoria [province]

  • 13063841281(mobile)

  • 05646781302

    From: Lu'an [city], Anhui [province]

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Using this tool, you can generate random phone numbers from China. Each country has its own fixed phone number rules. The length of the phone number is not the same. If you don’t count the area code, the phone number length of basically all countries is 6-8 digits. At the same time, each country has its own independent international area code, such as +1 for the United States and +44 for the United Kingdom. Country Calling Code of China is +86.

We have collected the country calling codes of 128 countries/regions around the world, and the telephone number rules of each country, so you can generate valid telephone numbers for all countries/regions according to these rules. These telephone numbers look similar really exactly the same, this can help you learn and understand the phone number rules of different countries.

Note: These numbers are randomly generated and are not real. You can't use them for making calls, receiving SMS, etc., and don't use them for illegal purposes.

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