Flag Generator

  • Flag 1

    Poland flag

    Country: Poland

    Continent: EUROPE

  • Flag 2

    Indonesia flag

    Country: Indonesia

    Continent: ASIA

  • Flag 3

    Portugal flag

    Country: Portugal

    Continent: EUROPE

  • Flag 4

    Ethiopia flag

    Country: Ethiopia

    Continent: AFRICA

  • Flag 5

    Philippines flag

    Country: Philippines

    Continent: ASIA

  • Flag 6

    Cambodia flag

    Country: Cambodia

    Continent: ASIA

  • Flag 7

    Malawi flag

    Country: Malawi

    Continent: AFRICA

  • Flag 8

    Solomon Islands flag

    Country: Solomon Islands

    Continent: OCEANIA

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About Flag Generator

This flag generator can generate the national flags of all countries in the world. We have collected all the countries in the world on six continents (no countries in Antarctica), all of which are distributed according to the continent. This generator generates six random countries by default.

Using this generator is very simple, you only need to enter the generated quantity, then select the continent (optional), you can get the results you want. This generator can be used to help you learn the national flag knowledge of the world, as well as to learn the geographical location of each country, and also as a material for some graphic design.

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