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  • [Random brief character] This character is a woman in her early thirties, who can be quite bold. She comes from a poor background, lives in a penthouse apartment and tends to complain a lot.
  • [Random detailed character]
    Name: Nassor Berger
    Age: 17 yrs - Born 8th of March
    Personality: Self-disciplined, ingenious, unsympathetic, passive and rarely angry
    Appearance: Standing short and of average build with pale skin, Nassor has a charming feel about her.
    She soulless, angular brown eyes, a pierced nose, and a round chin. Her short, frizzy, blonde hair is is styled with a fade.
    Her clothing is slightly too big and mismatched. A particularly noticeable feature is her bad teeth.
    Personal Status
    Marital status: In a forced marriage (Heterosexual)
    Social Class: Upper class
    Education: Has poor spelling ability
    Job: Public Relations Manager - 69% satisfied
    Financial status: In serious debt
    Personal views
    Religious view: Theist - (Faith: 72%)
    World view: Optimist
    Racial views: "I love all races"
    Gender bias: "Women should have more rights"
    Age preference: "Age = Wisdom"
    Nationalism: "This country makes me sick!"
    Conflict: "Some people only understand force"
    Physical/Health: Has sensitive teeth
    Quirks: Puts their feet up on furniture
    Likes: Listening to music, Gambling, Learning languages
    Dislikes: Tedious games, Doing laundry
    Afraid of: Failure, Imperfection, and Black cats
    Self-satisfaction: 61% - Stable
    Fitness level: 13% - Increasing
    Motivator: A wrongful accusation
    Skills: Good at basketball. Skilled at making snares
    Colours: Likes yellow, hates turquoise
    Music: Likes Country, hates Hip Hop
    Foods: Fried food
    Book Genre: Fantasy

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This random character generator can generate random characters; these characters are divided into simple characters and detailed characters; as you can see, simple characters only have a straightforward introduction. You can expand according to this simple character your imagination, thereby advancing your story. The detailed character contains a lot of information, including name, age, gender, personality, and appearance, etc. You can use the detailed character directly in your story or make some modifications to match your plot.

It's an inspiration tool, and when your story needs some new characters, you can use this character generator to generate tons of random characters.

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