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  • [Environment fact 1] In 2014, the air was so polluted in Beijing that the government broadcasted fake sunrises and blue skies on a giant screen in Tiananmen Square.


  • [Environment fact 2] Squirrels play an important part in the ecosystem by spreading a fungus that trees need to survive. They also lose about 25% of the nuts they bury.


  • [Environment fact 3] Roundabouts reduce fatalities from accidents by 72-82%. They also lower wait times and save gas.


  • [Environment fact 4] Sebastião Ribeiro Salgado and his wife Lélia Deluiz Wanick Salgado in 20 years planted 2.7 million trees to afforest part of The Atlantic Forest. This resulted in 1,500 acres of rainforest being recovered with 293 of plants, 15 reptiles, 172 birds, 15 amphibians and 33 mammal species having returned.


  • [Environment fact 5] Sewage sludge contains traces of gold, silver, and platinum at levels that would be seen as commercially viable by traditional prospectors.


  • [Environment fact 6] Illegal coal mining activities in Mongolia and the intense use of coal burned on simple stoves have turned a region of Mongolia once famed for its blue skies into one of the world’s most polluted.


  • [Environment fact 7] The “Lazy Dog” bomb, developed during World War 2, was a 2 inch steel kinetic projectile that was dropped by the thousands at 3,000 feet and could penetrate up to 9 inches of solid concrete with no explosive.


  • [Environment fact 8] The new Toyota Mirai is one of the first fuel cell vehicles being sold commercially and uses hydrogen to run while emitting water vapor.


  • [Environment fact 9] In 2009, an estimated 31,000,000 birds died from being confused by light pollution while migrating overnight. Simply turning off the lights can potentially save tens of millions of birds from colliding with glass.


  • [Environment fact 10] There is a species of bacteria named Deinococcus radiodurans which is so resistant to radiation that scientists have nicknamed it “Conan the Bacterium.”


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